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Big Horn Sheep & Mountain Goats

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We are permitted to hunt Big Horn Sheep areas 1 thru 5
in northwest Wyoming.The season runs from September 1st to October 20th
in areas 4 and 5 respectively, and until October 31st in 1,2, and 3. These
are 10-day hunts and are guided 1 on 1. If, for some reason, you don't
fill out during your first stay, arrangements can be made for you to come
back later in the season. We hunt horseback until a ram is found, at which
time it usually becomes foot/backpack work. The camp situation varies
from a spike camp, to a base camp in our main area, to day hunting from
the house or cabin later in the season when the sheep are moving to Winter
range. This is the most incredible time to be in the mountains here in
northwest Wyoming. The days are cooling off and the nights are crisp,
bringing about the color change in the aspens and the rut in the bulls,
which often provides a few hours of entertainment with their bugling and sparring.

Sheep hunting is a personal passion of mine. My Dad and Uncle in all probability
have more than 140 sheep to their credit during their careers, and I have
continued to build my success on their knowledge of the country and the
animals. I have a lifetime average of 97%, with over 70 rams harvested
personally. My guides and I have probably 175 successful sheep hunts to
our combined credit. I offer hunt opportunities second to none.

As many of you know, long range shooting is also a passion of mine. I
build custom long range rifles for myself and my guides to use, and they
are an integral part of my hunting program. I, and all my guides, carry
one of my rifles making many difficult situations during sheep hunts,
not only an option but an outstanding possibility.

Through the combined efforts of John Porter, Morning Creek
Outfitters,The Best of the West, and their engineers, we've developed the latest in cutting
edge shooting technologies and products. We now offer Huskemaw Scopes
with Bullet Drop Compensation knobs and patented Windage reference technologies.
This scope is also available on two different custom accurized rifle packages as well.
To purchase, or to get more information on these products
please contact me, and I'll be happy to help you with any questions or purchases.